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Using a technique of hand stamping, with the tools provided - hammer text, designs or simply have a go at mark making. Very therapeutic and lots of fun – if a little bit noisy!!  Experiment to create a beautiful bangle / cuff design - to be worn by yourself or gifted to a loved one. 

Transform a piece of flat metal - aluminium (which is hypo allergenic and nickel free) or copper. Once your surface design has been added, you will be taught how to form it into shape to create your unique piece of jewellery. The pieces are pre cut, so no need to worry, just focus on having FUN, adding your own design which can be treasured forever. Made by YOU!!

A basic set of your own tools will be provided, as well as a selection to be shared across the group. Creating a great opportunity to work, come together and have fun! See what you can make…. Just the beginning…..enough to get you hooked!!

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