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Care Instructions

Personally being tired of buying 'costume' style or plated jewellery only to find the overall finish eventually wears away.... I chose to make my work using 925 Sterling Silver, Copper or Brass.

Therefore with a little care and cleaning, the original finish can easily be retained and the piece to be enjoyed for many more years!

Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass are all susceptible to tarnish (the black colour), which is a natural reaction the metal has with chemicals. 


Care instructions for Copper and Brass: 

Using a lint free cloth and rubbing - this can remove the unwanted black colouring from the piece, yet revealing some beautiful natural colours specific to the metal- esp. on copper it can show up as pinks/purples etc.

If wanting to regain the original high shine and base colour -

A household cleaner specific to Copper / Brass can be used. Please follow manufacturers guidelines.


Care instructions for 925 Sterling Silver;

Clean  with a lint free cloth and a household cleaner specific for Sterling Silver, following manufacturer instructions.

Items can also be kept in an airtight sealable container - plastic bag, which will reduce a certain amount of oxidisation (turning black)

It is also not advisable to wear in high chlorine areas (ie swimming pools). Do not spray perfume etc directly onto the piece and apply lotions etc before wearing your jewellery. The  chemicals contained in these substances can actually add to the oxidisation and irreversibly turn silver black / dull grey in colour.

Please note; The above guidelines are advise and my opinions only. No Liability will be accepted.


Please contact me direct if you are unsure of how to maintain any of my designs.

Thank you

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