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A stunning pendant ..OR.. pair of earrings?? You choose!! Creating a design in metal can be very therapeutic and lots of fun – if a little bit noisy!!  

Transform a piece of sheet metal in Brass, Copper (or sterling silver) by experimenting with adding texture, possibly layering the two different metals and playing with scale, you will be taught how to make jewellery unique to you!! 

Focus on design and proportion, hand cutting the metal, adding texture, finishing, polishing and finally assembling. Once completed you will take away with you, both a piece to treasure and basic jewellery making skills. 

As Copper and Brass can be much cheaper than sterling silver to work with, - an opportunity to use the same skills and design techniques BUT just focus on having FUN… without worrying about the cost. A piece that can be treasured forever. Made by YOU!!

OR, if silver is more your style, pre cut shapes of silver are also available to purchase seperately on the day,  (for an additional material cost) work in 925 Recycled sterling silver.  Each piece is individually priced depending on how much silver used, enabling you to be happy in your final costs. Cash / card payment to be bought on the day.  

Cord for the pendant and solid sterling silver ear wires will be included in the cost. However - if you wish to purchase solid copper, brass OR 925 Sterling silver chains, these will also be available at extra charge. All items priced individually, enabling you to be confident of your final cost. 

NB: NO heat sources (ie soldering) will be used in this workshop. 

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