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This is truly a very special workshop. An opportunity to spend 2 hours creating an original keepsake in metal. 
Give as a personalised gift or keep for your own family memory – its NOT just for xmas!!.   
Drawing your own design onto aluminium, you will be taught using tools and hammers to permanently mark and create texture onto the metal. Finish off with hand stamped lettering for that truly personal touch.  
Though sometimes a bit noisy it can become quite therapeutic and even obsessive!

During the 2-hour workshop you will learn how to; Cut Sheet Metal / Mark making and texturise with various tools supplied / Good practice and techniques of hand stamping / Edging and polishing the metal / Mount metal on wood

A basic set of your own tools will be provided, as well as a selection to be shared across the group. Creating a great opportunity to work, come together and have fun! See what you can make…. Just the beginning…..enough to get you hooked!!

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