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Choose Your Chain

Please view actual pendants in my range for specific choices of chain style

Length of Chain;


This is a guide only. Please always check the actual dimensions so that you are happy with the length, before confirming.

The length of the chain is measured to include the fastening.

925 Sterling Silver Collection


I offer 3 lengths of 925 Sterling Silver Chain;  16", 18" and 20"


The two styles offered: Please see image;

Snake Chain:

A continuous and smooth chain fastened with a bolt ring.

Ball Chain (also known as Bead Chain).

Delicate but a more modern look. Fastened with a bolt ring.

Copper / Brass Collection:

2 Styles of Chain - please see image.


Brass Chain with Bolt Ring Fastening - 24"


Copper Bead Chain - 3 Lengths; 30" / 33" / 37". This is a fixed chain, therefore the longer lengths are designed to fit over your head before wearing. 

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