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About me - Sarah Osborne Clark (the designer!) and La Forge Designs UK 

Art and Design has been a passion since childhood and I gained my 2:1 (Ba Hons) Degree in 3-D Design  at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design Uk.

I have learned traditional silversmithing techniques during various classes over the years, but I am mainly self-taught from a pure desire to create Jewellery. Gaining the skills and knowledge, it enables me to design and create my work that I would want to wear and be proud of. 

forge (verb) to form,shape,make or fashion

La forge designs is a collection of contemporary and individually hand crafted pieces.

The influences derive anywhere from an architecturally abandoned spiral staircase, the bark of a tree, down to the tiniest forgotten pebble found on a beach.

Having been lucky enough to travel and live in the USA for 2 years - living in the state of Georgia being surrounded by outstanding beauty and particularly its amazing trees. Drawing on these influences and energy from life with my two wonderful daughters, the resulting designs often incorporate movement, line and texture.  


I love working and designing with metal, creating beautiful and unique surface texture and form. Whether it is working with precious Sterling Silver or having a bit 'more fun' with Copper, Brass or Aluminium - All my pieces are treated with the same attention to finish and design. 


Using traditional age old methods of making, many of the pieces have been cut by hand, then surface pattern added, formed and professionally finished. 

Often evolving through the creative process. However, the focus is always the final design - jewellery should never be hidden away and hopefully always a joy to be worn.


The collection has all been designed and made by myself in my small studio in Berkshire. 

Why the name 'La Forge...'??

When thinking of a name for my business, it had to be something extremely personal to me and relevant in some way to my work.

One of my earliest influences was growing up as a little girl on a tiny island (only 1 mile by 1/2 mile wide) in the Channel Islands, just off the coast of the UK. I have many happy childhood memories simply playing on the beach, enclosed by the ocean and the islands rugged landscape. It has influenced the ideas and  my passion even now, behind my designs. 

The old blacksmiths cottage, with the original stocks outside, was my family home for many years. Its name: La Forge...!!

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