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Hopefully the images will speak for themselves for this beautiful piece, A truly timeless design that will be enjoyed each time it is worn.


Slightly heavier than the double edged cuff in my collection. This only has one fold running around the cuff. However, it is slighty  more prominent. I have intentionally run the line at an angle, so that the line twists and turns, moving around the piece. 

The images above are actually of two different bangles, just showing how organic and unique your piece will be. A design to treasure and enjoy. 


Using a  technique called fold forming - where literally the sheet metal is folded, heated and then unfolded using various tools and repeating the process untill the raised line is formed in the metal.


Texture is added to the piece in a hatched and grooved design, which I believe adds contrast to the smooth lines that run around the cuff, 

Please contact me direct to collect more specific  measurements etc before the piece is made, other than the basic small / med / large. 


Material: 925 Solid Sterling Silver Sheet- Approx 4cm wide

Hallmarked: Yes

Finish: Textured and Hand Polished


This is a totally bespoke Made to order piece for yourself. If you would like to alter or 'tweek' the design slighty, then this would be a pleasure to create.  (However, please contact me as I do sometimes have one in stock) . 

Approx 3 - 4 weeks start to finish making time. As always - if you have a specific date in mind, please let me know. 



Made To Order - Single Fold Formed Wide Cuff -925 Sterling Silver

  • A totally bespoke piece just for you or your loved one.

    My designs have been created to make a statement, yet remain in proportion and a joy to be worn. However, to suit the style and personality of the wearer the design can easily be altered and personalised. Please contact me and I would love to discuss further requirements and a made to order timing and pricing of the design.  

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