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Celebrating a certain milestone birthday / anniversary? 

Why not add the relevant rings to represent the number celebrating ie: 5 rings for 50th birthday / 4 rings for 4 years anniversary.

A true personal touch to give or receive and one which will always be remembered.

A timeless and simple design to be worn and enjoyed every day.

Can be worn individually, or combined as a collection to give an eclectic, stacking look.


Material: 2mm Round 925 Solid Sterling Silver Wire

Hallmarked: Yes

Finish: Hammered and Hand Polished


Size: Currently available in: Medium - 6.5cm diameter

Available as made to order in the following sizes:

Small; approx.  6-6.2cm Diameter (18-19cm circumference)

Medium; approx. 6.3 – 6.5cm Diameter (20-21cm circumference)

Large; approx. 6.7-7cm Diameter (22cm circumference)

Please contact me directly via messaging if you require an extra small or extra large sizes for the price and delivery timings.


Each piece is created by me, lovingly and individually handcrafted using traditional techniques, ultimately creating a unique and individual design. This does mean however that slight variations will occur on the finished surface and size from the original photographed image.    

I will be happy to send an image of the final item being delivered. – please simply message me.

If a piece is not immediately available, I will confirm an expected made to order estimated production and delivery date. Please let me know if you have a specific date in mind (i.e. birthday/ anniversary/wedding etc).


Made To Order -Double Bangle with 2 Individual Rings - Solid 925 Sterling Silver

  • A totally bespoke piece just for you or your loved one.

    My designs have been created to make a statement, yet remain in proportion and a joy to be worn. However, to suit the style and personality of the wearer the design can easily be altered and personalised. Please contact me and I would love to discuss further requirements and a made to order timing and pricing of the design.  

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